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We are proud to announce that as of today we will be carrying Isaak’s of Salem Sweet Tooth Honey Wine. We are very excited to pair this completely locally made independent wine with some upcoming specials.

From the Isaak’s of Salem Blog:

Our Sweet Tooth Honey is similar to our dry wine but it has been sweetened with additional local honey to bring back some residual sugar. It is very smooth and pairs well with a blue cheese and walnut arugula salad. I also recommend drinking it after dinner as a stand-alone wine to cap off your dinning. For those people who enjoy a nice sweeter chardonnay this is a perfect local alternative to try something new.

And some great information on the winery and brewer:

The winery was founded on October 30th 2009.  We searched for all our equipment, searched for a good space to produce our wine, and searched for the perfect honey for our local honey wines all winter of 2009 and 2010.  We finally found a space in March of 2010 that was perfect for our small micro winery in Beverly MA just by the train station.

In March of 2010 we also submitted all our paperwork to the TTB for federal approval to receive a winery permit.  We were approved in early May of 2010 by the TTB and that let us submit our State Application to become a Farmer Winery within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  We had a state inspection in mid June and were approved two weeks later.

We then scoured all of Massachussets for the best Honey we could find.  We opened up a Partnership with MVABeepunchers and we get all of our honey from this exclusive source.  There bee’s forage in the Merrimack Valley and produce a wonderfully delightful sweet honey that we turn into a local wine.

With honey and all the other ingredients required for wine making at hand, our first fermentation started on June 30th 2010.  It was our Dry Honey Wine and it went great.  All our eqiupment worked as it should with only minor failures, and our first batch of wine was under-way.

At the same time in June we brought in an outside investor to help with the start-up costs, and received some additional capital from our personal savings to keep the business going strong.  We purchased all our bottles and labels and other packaging materail in October, and the wine was ready in November 2010 for distribution.

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