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Police Warn of Upsurge in Car Break-Ins

Items stolen include electronics and prescription drugs; police send reverse 911 call to warn residents.

By Aubry BraccoEmail the author | 12:14pm

Police are warning residents about a recent upsurge in break-ins into parked vehicles.

In recent days, numerous break-ins have been reported throughout the city.

On Friday, police sent residents a reverse 911 message to warn them about the sudden increase.

“Obviously, a lot of it is due to the economy,” Detective Thomas Brennan of the Salem Police Department said.

“People are leaving a lot of objects in their cars.”In addition to laptops, GPS machines and other electronics, other items stolen have included prescription drugs, police said.

Brennan said “the best thing to do is to remove any items of value, any items of worth.” If people do use GPS devices in their vehicles, they should consider using windshield wipes,” to wipe off “suction cup marks,” which clue potential burglars in to the presence of potential electronic devices in the car, the detective explained.

While many lock their doors, Brennan said some people have a different “mindset” and opt to take all objects out and leave their vehicles open because they know the potential burglar won’t find anything, and they believe it will keep their car windows from being destroyed.

To report a break-in for more more information, call the City of Salem Police Department at 978-744-0171


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